Lemon grass nourishes and enhances the skin’s flavor.

Is a kind of lemon grass grows in the tropics of wild herbs, in China, guangdong, hainan and Taiwan, there is a large area, the plant has a natural fragrance, and given priority to with cluster, its leaves in charge after purification plant essential oil, and its whole plant after the charge can be used as a medicine, is a kind of Chinese medicinal materials of particularly high medicinal value. If you want to know the efficacy and medicinal value of lemon grass, you can check it out with xiaobian.

The efficacy and action of lemon grass

1. Nourish the skin

Lemon grass, not only with the natural fragrance, it also contains rich vitamins, c the substance after absorbed by the body, can prevent the pigment in generating and prevent pigment in the skin surface accumulation can desalt splash whitening the skin, in addition it contains polysaccharides and other active ingredients after absorbed by the body, can nourish and tender skin, improve skin elasticity postpone skin aging.

2. antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Medicinal ingredients, lemon grass and some people use it bubble water to drink, can destroy the body in a variety of sensitive bacteria and pathogenic bacteria, can prevent bacteria from breeding and breeding in the human body, can prevent inflammation in the body, usually use it to soak the water washs a face, can deep clean the skin disease can regulate oil secretion, can keep human skin tender and smooth state of health.

3. Enhance flavor and aroma

In daily life, lemon grass can also be used as a condiment worker, especially in the marinade of some meat, adding the right amount of lemon grass can remove the smell of meat, and give it a slight lemon aroma, so that meat will taste very good after cooking.

The medicinal value of lemon grass

1. Treat obesity

Lemon grass has an obvious therapeutic effect on obesity. In the treatment, it is necessary to mix lemon grass with rosemary and take it after boiling with water. They can accelerate the metabolism of excess water in the human body, and can diuretic detoxification, and also promote fat burning in the body, so that people can lose weight after taking it.

2. treatment of constipation

Lemon grass has mild stimulation to the human gut, can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, and can clean the intestinal wall accumulation of toxins, people after the constipation, can put the chopped fresh lemon grass fry out juice directly after taking can also add it after the water decoction, both methods can shorten defecation time can keep defecate unobstructed.

Post time: Apr-27-2022