Chili fried meat, no chili, just meat.

Recently, Neisenjun in a nearby Hunan restaurant ordered a farmer’s fried meat, and so on the table, surprised to find that in the past are “pepper fried meat” farmer’s fried meat, now become “meat fried pepper”, which makes weekdays love spicy friends in the meat pick pepper to eat.

The friend of the same trade sighed with emotion: “two elder brothers are so worthless now?”

According to an online fresh retail platform, the price of thread pepper used in the stir-fried pork is 3.80 yuan /150 grams (about 12.67 yuan/jin), screw pepper 9.89 yuan /300 grams (about 16.48 yuan/jin) and millet pepper 6.99 yuan /50 grams (about 69.9 yuan/jin). As a reference, Neisenjun then checked some meat prices, pig hind leg meat 11.9 yuan/jin, beef tendon 39.9 yuan/jin.

In other words, one jin of millet pepper can buy more than 5 jin of pork, or nearly 2 jin of beef at the retail end.

Not only that, xiaomi pepper page also shows “sold out”, really can be described as “a pepper hard to find”.

Chili prices are soaring, and not just at the retail end.

In the wholesale market, the price of green pepper soared from 5.55 yuan/kg at the end of last year to 11.19 yuan/kg, up 101.62%; Red pepper rose from 7.54 yuan/kg in October last year to 24.61 yuan/kg, or 226.40%; And the price of dried strip pepper (millet pepper) rose from 17.18 yuan/kg at the beginning of the year to 31.91 yuan/kg in just 3 months, an increase of 85.74%.

It looks like chili prices are about to explode.

Post time: Apr-27-2022