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Better life foods offers a number of different peppers that go great with any sauce or dish, both mild and spicy.

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Jalapeno is a thin to medium size pepper known for its heat and punchiness. The name derives from the original province where it was grown -- Veracruz, Jalapa. In 1999, 5,500 acres of land were planted in the United States, but most were grown in southern New Mexico and west Texas.

Jalapeno origin of Mexico coast, at higher latitudes, sufficient sunlight and water, is very suitable for crop growth, more important is the soil contains rich trace elements and minerals, haley sent mourinho pepper in this kind of environment and soil nurtured, almost all nutrients absorption nature bestows makes it one of the best pepper quality in the world .


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Here are some of our most popularchilli products:
* Organic Red/Green Chilli Whole
* Organic Red/Green Chilli Puree
* Red Bell Pepper Diced/Sliced
* Green Bell Pepper Diced/Sliced
* Jalapeno Puree

You can see more options, including organic, on our product list!


Company Profile

Our business policy is: "people-oriented, excellent quality, pioneering and innovative, create a win-win situation". From farmers who grow in the fields to consumers who enjoy our food at home, we see them as one, and our products connect them through our 'health', 'well-being' and 'development' goals. Our new retail product line introduced authentic Asian cooked food such as vegetable seafood chow mein, vegetable fried rice, pot stickers, spring rolls, special herbs and special vegetables for all major retail markets in U.S. Leveraging our advanced technology and resources and combining high-quality ingredients, including organic, gluten-free and non-GMO options, we create unique specialty products such as fire-roasted seasoned vegetables, mixed vegetables/fruits smooth, and "Krispy King" brand product line that are delicious, fast and easy to prepare.In every progressing step, only strictly producing according to the SOP can ensure the product quality.

Details determine the success or failure, and attitude determines everything. Only having the super-strong awareness of quality in making the quality better and better can make Befe’s quality better and better.

Success through quality, better life foods can develop permanently and continuously.

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